Encryption and Obfuscation of Source Code!

Protect & Secure Scripts, Function files, Modules, Libraries and Gems!

Up until now, the protection of source code written in interpreted languages was just not possible. There weren't any solutions that allowed users to obfuscate, encrypt AND execute shell scripts, perl, python, ruby, rcode, powershell and web-based/command-line php scripts. EnScryption.com changes that. We provide source code protection for those who simply CANNOT or DO NOT wish to re-write their entire code in a 'compiled' language. We allow for the possibility and regulation of script licensing, provide users the ability to set expiration dates, notify script owners of nefarious attempts by others to break into their protected scripts. And lastly, we eliminate the risk of exposure of proprietary information. With EnScryption, you get to lock up your scripts with more than just a simple chmod or chown!

EnScryption - Source Code Protection

Obfuscate / Encrypt

Don't just obfuscate your scripts, encrypt them as well - Reliably obfuscating a script is a big deal all by itself, but when that same script is also encrypted AND executable, you now have on your hands a truly protected script that cannot be exposed. With our Encryption tool, you can confidently and conveniently secure all scripts written in interpreted languages such as shell, perl, python, ruby, php and rcode, directly from your own private host!

Shield / Defend

There's a limited number of tactics a hacker can use to try to hack a protected script. We are aware of every one of these methods and we watch for them. If a user of your protected script attempts to sniff around your code, our automated mechanism will detect this and will automatically transform the protected script into a deceptive state, leaving the troublesome user chasing his own tail.

Secure / Protect

Every enScryption.com protected source code is encased in a number of obfuscated layers of encryption which ensures human eyes are prevented from viewing the initiation and subsequent run of the protected script. What that means is, whenever your script runs, we guard the entire process during which it interacts with the operating system so it cannot be intercepted!

Monitor / Alert

We log all hack attempts on a protected script in the event a devious user tries to figure out how it is being protected. During encryption, you can choose to specify whether or not your script should run if there isn't any internet connectivity. Internet connectivity helps ensure you're informed whenever users of your script violate licensing terms. Or, at the time of encryption, you can set your encrypted script to work only for a specific user(s) and/or on a specific list of host(s)

Protect your Script's Source Code

Yes, it is possible to protect your source code. We have proven it. If you have any script with sensitive information in it, and you wish to lock it away from public view, this is the place to be.

Our unique methodology is the only online solution available, capable of protecting not just one programming language, but several. Our algorithm can be used to safely encrypt AND obfuscate scripts written in interpreted languages such as (.sh, .bash, .ksh, .csh, .ksh93, .pl, .py, .rb, .js, .php, .r/.R, .ps1). And yes, you can expect the freshly encrypted scripts to remain executable.

After using any of our encryption tools to protect your code, you can then, with peace of mind, distribute your scripts without exposing proprietary information or giving away intellectual property.

Some of the many capabilities of the EnScryption tool include:

  • Unlimited Obfuscation/Encryption of Scripts written in Interpreted Languages
  • Code Monitor - Dashboard for monitoring frequency of attacks on Protected scripts
  • Libraries/Modules/Gems - Protect all associated library/functions/modules files
  • Modification Prevention - Seal your source code so it can't be modified
  • Date Management - Assign expiration dates to your protected scripts
  • License Management - Regulate the redistribution of all important scripts
  • User Management - Restrict usage of your scripts to specific Users
  • Host Management - Restrict usage of your scripts to specific Hosts
  • Duplication Prevention - Prevent against multiple copies on a host
  • Instance Management - Restrict simultaneous multiple running instances
  • Tamper Resistance - Auto self-destructs when a hack attempt is detected!
  • Access Management - Turn off script remotely IF licensing terms are violated!
  • Compatibility - Encrypted Scripts works on Windows, MacOS, Linux/Unix OSes